Upcoming Revisions 2020

Colorado High Country ~ Wild at Heart’s revision will include 25+ additional plant species, many new photos, moose, wolf and new bird species plus a Waterbirds section and a section on Raptors in Flight. All plant scientific names, synonyms and families will be brought up to date with new DNA research according to Dr. John Kartesz’s database – an over 40 year endeavor (BONAP bonap.org). Their goal is to provide a digital flora of North America that can be kept up to date with current research and understanding. Bird’s taxonomic order will change according to the latest DNA research and Mammal chapters will be updated with many new photos and fun facts.

Please check back for information regarding the revision – expect a new edition near the end of 2022. Hope you had a great summer roaming and exploring our incredible Colorado mountains and feel free to email me with any questions at janis.huggins@comcast.net. This revision has proved to be a lot of work for this ol’ gal at 70, but I’m working fast and furious with a whole lot of help from friends and cohorts! Have a terrific, active winter, Janis