Mountain bluebirds

For the past four months I’ve been working on the revision of Wild at Heart‘s bird chapter, sifting through hundreds of exciting photos for the new waterbird and raptor sections, plus editing tons of text. Definitely time for a brain break. The cheerful soft whistles of mountain bluebirds arriving with a flash of brilliant blue is all the inspiration I need to get outside!

I’m so pleased to let everyone know that the revision of the bird chapter is now in the hands of graphic artist, Amber McKeague, who is setting up pages for the new version of Wild at Heart.

Now, on to finishing the revision of the wildflower chapter just as the bright green tips of spring flowers are pushing up through the dark soil. Hope everyone can spend some beautiful days outside watching for each new sign of spring as it arrives! Janis

Mountain Bluebird male and female… Love is in the air!